Muck Rack Named One Of Built Ins Best Remote Companies To Work For In 2022

Luckily for job seekers, there are heaps of remote companies hiring right now. We analyzed the job posting history of the nearly 57,000 companies in the FlexJobs database to identify the top 100 companies that posted the most remote jobs throughout 2021. What’s more, employers discovered that not only do employees want to keep working from home python at least some of the time, staff are often more productive when they work remotely. Seeing the benefits to the bottom line, more companies are switching to long-term or permanent remote work, making it easier than ever to connect with flexible employers. The downsides of remote jobs don’t seem as big of a deal when you have flexibility.

It hires a variety of remote employees, including user research interns, communications specialists and customer success managers. Indeed’s company ratings are based on star ratings that reflect the overall scores of a company, including compensation and benefits, management, work-life balance, job security and advancement and job culture. Indeed’s Work Happiness Report collects scores for 15 dimensions of work happiness, including flexibility and compensation. DataDog is a globally distributed company with offices in Dublin, Paris, New York City, and Boston.

This company realized very early on in 2013 that the work culture was changing and started diverging from the office-centric approach by hiring remote engineers. In 2019, the company counted already four engineering hubs in San Francisco, Seattle, Dublin and Singapore. If this was not enough, they added a fifth one and launched a completely remote engineering hub.

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Getty ImagesCigna is a medical insurance company that employs more than 73,000 people. The company is headquartered in Connecticut but offers various positions in a remote capacity, including sales administration, financial analyst, business analyst, claims professional and engineer. Built In determines the winners of Best Places to Work based on an algorithm, using company data about compensation, benefits and companywide programming. To reflect the benefits candidates are searching for more frequently on Built In, the program also weighs criteria like remote and flexible work opportunities, programs for DEI and other people-first cultural offerings. FlexJobs defines a “remote job” as one that allows employees to work from home all or part of the time. Here are top 10 companies with remote jobs to watch in 2022, and what type of roles they hire for, according to FlexJobs.

  • Remote work makes it possible to attract the best talent, wherever it may be.
  • These are world-class products created by fully remote “Automatticians”.
  • Think about your specific travel needs by all means – but at least get the basics covered.
  • By using this AI-driven platform, one person can run an open-ended online conversation with up to 1,000 participants at once.
  • The marketing field also had steep growth this year, while the HR and recruiting industry saw the highest percentage jump in postings for remote jobs over last year.
  • In 2019, Stripe realized that their culture was becoming too office-centric, and as a company that has offered remote work since inception, they wanted to balance things out again.

GitHub is one of the world’s largest development platforms with over 50 million developers using the platform. GitHub enables developers worldwide to create open source to business code, giving developers the ability to review code, build, and manage projects. Stripe’s software enables businesses to bill customers with subscriptions or invoices, capture more revenue, and manage their business online. Twilio is a cloud contact center platform that enables businesses to take charge of how they communicate with customers.

Remote Jobs & Work From Home Jobs At Trusted Companies

The COVID pandemic changed how we work, with many top companies opting for a fully remote or hybrid work model. If you’ve worked remotely before in any capacity (internship, freelance, part-time, etc.), list down the work experience and the skills you learned because of it. While there are many remote job openings out there, ensure you pick the one best suited for your needs using our three tips. With a comprehensive benefits package that includes mental health offerings and even adoption and fertility subsidies, Upwork is focused on cultivating a culture of inclusion and belonging. A leading e-commerce platform, Shopify is a remote-first company allowing employees to work from home for the foreseeable future.

best remote companies to work for

Remote opportunities at HCA include clinical statistical programmer, placement specialist PRN and clinical team lead. For 17 years, Best Companies Group has specialized in identifying and recognizing great employers to work for. We are an independent research firm that ranks companies based on our established research methodology.

Spotify, the music streaming and media services provider is headquartered in Sweden. Plus, they encourage all employees to be passionate about something outside of work. From side hustles to hobbies, they want to help you pursue the things that drive you outside of the office. The Frontastic team consists of 30+ employees who collectively speak 13 languages. When you’re not going for constant coffee walks with coworkers or talking around a lunch table, building meaningful connections can be difficult.

The 25+ Best Sites For Finding Remote Work Online In 2022

They often manage a client’s entire online presence, including their website, search engine rankings, blog, social media accounts and advertising strategy. This allows them to work remotely from any location that has internet access.

Based in Tampa, Florida, Sykes has previously offered flexible schedule, part-time, hybrid, and fully remote jobs in areas including customer service, call center, marketing and sales. Personalized learning platform Stride, Inc is currently hiring remote educators for various subjects and grade levels across the country. In addition to positions in teaching and academic support, the company also has openings for roles in marketing and sales, IT, finance, and HR, among others.

They employ remote employees and have two office locations in the US including Santa Clara and Chicago. While HQ is in Australia, Atlassian is a globally distributed company. While there continues to be some resistance to remote work from more traditionally minded managers, Lister says, more are coming around due to the intensity of labor shortages.

best remote companies to work for

Apple is a multinational technology company that specializes in consumer electronics, online services, and computer software. The company is the world’s largest technology company by revenue and has been the world’s most valuable company since January 2021. Spiff is a leading sales commission platform that automates commission calculations and motivates teams to drive top-line growth. Zoom has been providing cloud video conferencing since its initial release in 2012, but thanks to the pandemic pushing all meetings to virtual, it became the fifth-most-downloaded app worldwide in 2020. Zoom is hiring for many positions, including some that are fully remote .

For Job Seekers For Job Seekers

“As remote work has continued, employers are seeing more of what it could look like and how it could work in the long-term.” Remote positions are now available across a broad range of industries, which makes it easy to find a job that suits you. You can reference our list of remote work websites to find the best jobs available as you go hunting. And you might be surprised to learn that the typical remote employee is a 40-something college graduate earning nearly $60,000 a year at a company with 100+ employees, according to the New York Times. So if you’re looking for a job that will let you work from home once in a while—or all the time—these super-flexible companies are more than worth your time. However, remote work can also present some challenges for employers, such issues of employee disengagement.

  • It is genuinely impossible to juggle it all — so if you’re a parent working remotely with your kids home from school, hang in there!
  • Accountants can work remotely in both entry-level and senior positions and have a high potential for growth.
  • These organizations have no dedicated offices for employees to go to.
  • Whether you work remotely all the time or you’ve been thrust into it recently, we have tips that will help you thrive.
  • UnitedHealth Group, the parent organization of UnitedHealthcare and Optum, is one of the world’s leading diversified health care companies.

Explore benefits that different remote companies offer such as flexible schedule, health insurance, home office stipend, and more. Perks for working at InVision include wellness services, flexible paid time off, parental leave and fertility care, budget to set up a home office, free headspace account, and much more. InVision has teams in design, marketing, customer solutions and customer support, sales, engineering, and business operations that currently have open positions. With a a community of 3.5 million developers and 12 data centers across the globe, DigitalOcean has offices in NYC and Cambridge, and remote employees around the world. Included in FlexJobs’ Top 100 list, 97 percent of CVS Health’s listings on the site are for remote work options. CVS Health offers positions in medical and health, account management, sales, insurance, and customer service.


FlexJobs’ Top 100 Companies to Watch for Remote Jobs in 2022 shows this growth in remote positions. “A record number of 34 new companies made 2022’s annual list, further signaling that companies are committed to hiring remote workers for the long-term,” adds Reynolds. Varsity Tutors connects students with personalized tutors in more than 3,000 subjects, according to its site. The parent company, Nerdy, is based in St. Louis, Missouri, and Varsity Tutors has hired hybrid and fully remote flexible schedule, part-time and freelance roles in education and training, customer service and more. Furthermore, they cover health insurance, including dental and vision insurance.

Working from home is one of the most highly-coveted perks there is — and it’s no wonder. If you could skip the morning commute, spend more time with your family and friends, and work in your pajamas, wouldn’t you? DevOps Engineer But while most people would love the option to work remotely, plenty of them just don’t know where to start. Browse through openings from over 2,500 remote companies around the world in Remotive’s job board.

But, they’re on this list, so of course they also have several remote opportunities as well. Loneliness and the inability to unplug is a common struggle for remote workers globally.

The company’s team is disturbed across Europe and the United States with over 40 people across twelve countries and fourteen states. When you enter the program, Best Companies Group will contact your company and arrange to conduct a two-part survey . In part one, the employer completes a questionnaire about its policies, practices, benefits, and employee demographics. In part two, BCG will conduct online employee engagement and satisfaction surveys to gather detailed data about each participating firm, in a range of categories determined by Quartz. Organizations must have at least 25 full-time permanent employees to participate and at least 25 full-time permanent employees working remotely. If an employer has more than 100 permanent full-time employees, at least 25% of this workforce must work remotely for the company to be eligible. One company that doesn’t outsource their customer service team is Williams-Sonoma, a legendary kitchen and home goods company that operates all over the US, Canada, Puerto Rico, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

TranscribeMe offers transcription, translation, data annotation, artificial intelligence datasets and speech recognition services. BroadPath Remote Career provides remote outsourcing services to organizations in industries like healthcare, financial services, travel and hospitality.

  • They’ve created a community of developers and engineers who share their code and offer tips to one another.
  • Working Solutions provides on-demand sales and customer service agents.
  • IndieHackers is one of the online communities that gathers entrepreneurs of successful startups or side gigs.
  • But while most people would love the option to work remotely, plenty of them just don’t know where to start.
  • The number of remote job listings jumped 12% in 2021, according to a new report, as the Covid-19 pandemic continues to reshape the workplace.

Ghost is a non-profit organization creating free open source software to empower journalism. They’re built a full-stack, modern content management platform to create, publish, and manage content. From Jamaica to Poland, Taiwan to Australia, Doist’s team is spread all over the globe. Along with all the other remote benefits, as a Doister, you’ll also get one month per year to spend time working on a work-related project that you’re passionate about. Doist is the team behind Todoist, a popular productivity tool that is currently helping more than 22 million people manage their tasks and projects. Todoist has a minimalist design and is available as a web app, desktop app, mobile app, and even a browser extension. Freelance writers create content for clients based on the needs of the client and the writer’s area of expertise.

The Pros And Cons Of A Fully Remote Or Hybrid Company

By now, employees and companies have mastered the remote work routine. Home offices have been outfitted with comfy chairs and coffee makers, while Zoom meetings and Slack channels are abuzz with collaboration and communication. Some companies have separated themselves from the pack when it comes to remote work, which is why it’s time for Built In to highlight the 100 Best Remote-First Companies to Work for in 2022. Remote roles do not necessarily pay a higher or lower salary than in-office roles. The salary you receive will depend upon the company you work for, the role you’re in, your skills, your field, and your personal career trajectory.

Whether you enjoy working remotely or not, you can manage to succeed in it. There’s a ton of junk out there for job seekers – from jobs that are too-good-to-be-true to broken links, repetitive postings, or just straight-out scams. For a small price ($14.99 a month) you can use FlexJobs and avoid these scams and find a full-time, part-time or even some jobs that are perfect for testing your way into starting a freelance business. FlexJobs offers job postings from a wide variety of industries, it has new posts all the time, and posters usually get back to you quickly after you’ve applied. Atlassian is also completely transparent with their employee benefits that can be found on their website.

Aside from parental leave, Facebook supports family planning, including adoption and surrogacy assistance and contributes to so-called “baby cash” to help with newborn expenses. best remote companies to work for What is not completely clear is the amount of paid time off per year. Here are our top ten picks for companies that are fully remote or offer remote positions.

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